Education and Training

Education and Training

What happens when you seriously try to empower children, teachers and community through large scale education initiatives?

The pervasive notion that 'nothing has been done in education in India' could not be further from the truth. In fact not only has a great deal been done, but its consequences have been faced over decades. In particular, what follows applies to introducing educational designs based on local context, using the experiences and strengths of the stakeholders, […]


Why do it Whether on the TV or in newspapers or on social media sites – we are today surrounded everywhere by strong views on nationalism. Groups of people are getting angry and upset, calling each other names, being violent. Your students too are caught in this, though they may not fully be aware of […]

Detention For Adults?

To all those who are convinced that the non-detention policy is harming education… Children’s apparent lack of learning becomes an issue mainly because it is easy to see that they have missed out on something. The fact that at a younger age learning is very fast and that clear milestones are available helps us perceive […]

What The Education System REALLY Exists For – Myth # 7

The Seven Myths of Highly Ineffective Education Systems – Myth # 7 of 7 Or The Seven Myths That Make Education Difficult To Improve See Myth # 6 of 7 here. Myth # 7 – The education system exists to improve education Systems tend to lead double lives – at a conceptual level they might be […]